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Welcome to the Uncali Dental Clinic,

A professional and affordable dental clinic in Antalya. We make the greatest possible efforts to let our patients leave with a big smile.

Dr. Askin Yilmaz is working with an experienced and committed team of dentists and dental assistants. We offer a wide range of dental services at our clinic. Our dentists will explain the treatment possibilities step by step, so that everything is clear for our patients. Together with the dentist, the patient will choose the most appropriate treatment.

We hope to welcome you soon in our friendly and caring dental clinic, so that we can make a healthy plan regarding your oral and dental health.

We wish you a healthy smile!

Dr. Askin Yilmaz


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Our first dental clinic opened the doors in Antalya in 2013. To expand our service, we opened our second clinic in 2014. We offer you a clinic at 2 different locations, so you can choose the location which suits you best. 

At this moment we are working with an experienced team of 6 dentists and 6 dental assistants.

Next to our 2 dental clinics, we have our own laboratory. The laboratory staff consists of 3 dental technicians, who make the dental preparations to improve the dental condition of our patients.

With our concept of service summarized with the slogan of “health tourism,” we aim to be a welcoming location for our patients and our tourist patients who come to our country for medical tourism.


Our Vision

In combination with the best quality dental care and our trustful personalized service, our vision is to create and maintain the healthy smile of our clients in a safe atmosphere.


Our Mission

  • To provide our patients with the highest quality dental care
  • Personalized care and trustful service for our patients
  • To improve the relationship with our patients
  • Dental and oral treatments in a safe atmosphere
  • To continue dental training for our dental team
  • To give a relaxing and positive experience in our clinic


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