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Apical Resection

Apical Resection

Extraction is not the only option in the presence of abscess in the dental roots. First, root canal treatment is done. And if it is insufficient, there is the option of resection. Apical resection is providing treatment with direct intervention to the dental root from outside in persistent root abscesses. A small hole is opened over the jaw bone in the region where there is dental root and abscess, and the abscess is cleaned. The tooth is allowed to heal.

In Uncali Dental Policlinic, it can be decided to carry out apical resection in the cases when root canal treatment is insufficient, in the cases when root canal treatment cannot be done in conventional methods or for the purpose of biopsy.

There are some conditions to carry out apical resection. For example, if the inflammation in the dental root is due to root fracture, resection will have no benefit. If the dental root is similar to anatomical formations, apical resection will be troubled.



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