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Root Canal Threatment

In which cases is root canal treatment carried out?

Root canal treatment is carried out when the caries threaten the nerve tissues of the teeth by getting deepened, when it causes pain in the tooth, and when the tooth dies (necrosis) due to various traumas or other reasons and infections start at its end. The root canal treatment is the last stage applied before we lose our actual tooth. It is the process in which the nerves and tissues in the canals are cleaned completely and the interior is closed again with filling substance. A tooth in which root canal treatment is applied is a mummified tooth. It is not living in any way. It does not react to heat and cold. It provides continuity in the mouth in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The patient can perform chewing with that tooth. All kinds of activities can be performed. As a tooth with root canal treatment cannot perform feeding, it cannot be used lifelong and it gets brittle over time. This treatment is applied with the approach that the more it stays in our mouths, the better.

Is pain felt during root canal treatment?

Despite the concerns, the root canal treatment is not a painful method of treatment. Local anesthesia made under normal conditions is sufficient for this treatment. However, in cases when there is acute abscess and the tooth is very abscessed, the nerves within the tooth may not comply due to the change of pH there. In such cases, we can wait for the change of pH of this tooth with antibiotic treatment or other agents. The treatments to be made later are completely painless. Some discomfort may be felt in the first 24 hours after treatment. Burning, itching, mild pain are quite normal expectations. Patients are advised to take painkillers

How is Root Canal Treatment Carried Out?

Root canal treatment is a kind of treatment performed under local anesthesia. After the region containing the tooth is numbed, the tooth is opened with special tools, and the pulp chamber in the middle of the tooth is reached. Pulp chamber is the part containing the dental nerves and vessels. This pulp chamber should completely be cleaned off the dental nerves and vessels. The nerves and vessels coming from the dental bone reach the pulp through the canals present in the dental root. The soft and infected tissues in the canals are completely cleaned with special needles and tools in root canal treatment. The root canals are enlargened, the canal is filled with specially manufactured canal pads and fillings, and it is covered.



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