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Teeth Bleaching

The causes of the yellowing and staining of our teeth are some of our habits in our life stream. The primary of these are our smoking, tea, coffee, cola etc. consumptions. As long as these consumptions are continued, we feel the need of bleaching to eliminate the stainings and color changes that have occurred.

In addition, it is an application that we partially prefer also for the stainings occurring on our teeth as a result of our use of antibiotics.

Bleaching applications that vary according to one’s preference,

One can perform the application in his/her own home.

- After your teeth have been checked by your dentist, their sizes are measured and a removable elastic mold is used.

- It is recommended to use this elastic mold prepared according to your teeth for 5-8 hours during the time to sleep.

- This treatment can vary from 1 to 4 weeks.


One can have bleaching done by his/her dentist at the clinic.

- The lips are protected by retractor, and the gums by gels hardenable with light.

- Bleaching liquor (with hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide content) is applied on the teeth.

- In bleaching with laser, treatment repetitions are often not required, and desired whiteness is achieved in less time.

- Application of bleaching with laser takes 25-30 minutes.

- If the staining our teeth is formed as a result of the use of antibiotics, the application process and sessions may take more time.


Does pain or sensitivity occur during and after bleaching?

Your dentist will reduce your sensitivity with the fluoride that he will apply during the treatment, and a slight sensitivity will occur within 2-3 hours. States in which sensitivity continues during the first 24-48 hours are observed, but these are temporary. As sensitivity continues 2 days after the application, it is recommended to stay away from coloring and acid-containing foods and beverages. Your dentist may recommend you a toothpaste to eliminate sensitivity. It is recommended to avoid hot and cold beverages.



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