What is Implant?

They are helical artificial tooth roots which can replace our actual teeth. These artificial tooth roots, which can replace our missing teeth, are coated with prostheses and the tooth strength closest to reality is obtained. The artificial roots consist of substances called titanium which have tissular suitability.

To whom can implant be applied?

- The rate of implant applied to older people is higher than that applied to younger people.

- It can also be applied to the young people whose bone development is completed.

- It can also be applied to the people with bone deficiency by adding bone graft.

- It can also be applied to the people with bone deficiency by adding bone graft.


To whom cannot implant be applied?

- Young people whose bone development has not been completed,

- Diabetic patients who are not under control,

- Patients with very severe high blood pressure,

- Pregnants,

- In immune system disorders,

- Hemophiles,

- Patients to whom chemotherapy and radiotherapy are applied (implant can be applied 6 months after these implementations have been completed).


How is implant implementation made?

We prefer laser application in implant treatment applications. Let us quote the reasons for this in the following way:


In operations with laser technology,

- Application takes place without pain and bleeding in soft tissues.

- It does not cause vibration in the hard tissue.

- It saves time.

- Provides fast recovery.

The operation is performed after various methods of anesthesia is applied to the patient. The patients usually denote that they feel no pain, and those who feel pain denote that they feel a pain which can be eliminated with painkillers used for the pains felt after tooth extraction.

It has been observed that the operations do not take time with today’s technology. The total time may vary according to your bone and tooth structure. Permanent prosthesis implementation can be made immediately depending on the state of jaw bone.

It usually results in 3 months’ time after the first operation. Your dentist will eliminate your deficiency with temporary prostheses during the process until the conclusion of this application.

After the implant is placed on your jaw bone, fixed prosthesis or removable prosthesis will be applied over it according to the planning of your dentist.

In addition, the comfort and happiness caused by the implant application are located at the highest level in the survey results compared to other applications.

What should be considered after implantation?

- Cigarettes and alcohol should not be used for a while,

- Dental hygiene should be considered to avoid the risk of gum diseases,

- You should visit your dentist at regular intervals.



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