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The first question is: what is health tourism? Health tourism, also called medical tourism, is travelling to another country to receive medical treatment. For many countries health tourism is a part of their national industry and those countries have become a medical destination for many tourists.

While reading this article, certainly you are wondering what the advantage is of travelling abroad for your next treatment. Imagine lying on a pearl white beach with a cocktail in your hand. Or explore the historical side of a country, going on a safari tour and rafting in a river. Health tourism is giving you the opportunity to combine your medical treatment with a relaxing holiday. After your treatment you have the chance to recover and rest in a high class all-inclusive resort. What do you want more?

Besides that, the medical costs abroad are affordable. The worthwhile cosmetic dental surgery holiday is one of the most favored type of health tourism. A popular treatment for medical tourists is known as the ‘Hollywood-smile’. Our price for a dental implant is starting from €550, while the average price in Europe €2.000 is. For teeth bleaching in our clinic you will spend €150 while the same treatment in Europe is offered for the average price of €500.




Why us?

 There are a lot of dental clinics in Antalya, which gives medical tourists a wide range of possibilities. We will explain you which advantages we have compared to other dental clinics.

Our committed and experienced team will try to achieve a relationship with our patients build on trust. We are continuously improving our service-oriented contact with our patients. We do our best to achieve that our patients smile, in every possible way.

Are you struggling with the long-waiting list in your country? The no-waiting list is a major advantage in our clinic. We are able to start directly all your dental examinations.

After your dental treatment at our clinic, we are offering a 24-hour communication possibility. For any questions or comments regarding your treatment, feel free to contact us at any time.

In our dental clinic we have Turkish, English and Dutch speaking staff.


Do you want to receive a treatment plan before travelling?

- Send us your dental X-ray photos (not older than 6 months)

- We will analyze your X-ray photos

- We will inform you about the treatment plan, treatment duration and the total cost


​We offer an all-in package

 When you have made the decision to start a dental treatment in our clinic, we will assist you with everything regarding your medical holiday. If you wish, we will find for you the cheapest flight ticket. We will arrange the free transfer from the airport to your hotel and of course the free transfer from your hotel to our dental clinic.

We can offer you an exclusive price for a 5* all-inclusive hotel: Liberty hotel in Lara. Because of our cooperation with the Liberty hotel, we are able to offer you a beautiful all-inclusive hotel for the best price.




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    k� lommeknive
    Tuesday, 09 October 2018 10:44 posted by k� lommeknive

    Ꮐreat article, just what I was ⅼoking for.

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    Samantha whalley
    Friday, 29 June 2018 18:02 posted by Samantha whalley

    Hi, my name is Samantha, I was given your website by a friend who was your patient, my teeth are in terrible condition, I have 5 missing at the front and some at the back, upper and lower, I have bad gums and will prob also need bone grafts, I wear dentures and hate them, I gag, I can't eat with them and am very self conscious, I would also like to have veneers over my own teeth, a proper smile make over if possible, if never done this before and am not sure what I need to do, I had my dentist copy my x-ray which was taken in March this year, please could you write back and tell me how we can move forward to achieve my perfect smile.

    Many thanks
    Samantha whalley.

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