Our policlinic, which was opened in the neighborhood of Uncali in Konyaalti-Antalya in July, 2013, has an area of 300 m2.

Inside our policlinic, which serves with 4 dentists, 4 assistants and 3 administrative staff in an area of 300 m2, there are 4 clinics, a panoramic imaging room, a sterilization room, a laboratory, a children's activity section, a relaxation room, and indoor and outdoor patient waiting rooms.

With our concept of service summarized with the slogan of “healthy tourism,” we aim to be a model institution for our patients from the other provinces as well as the people of Antalya, and our tourist patients who come to our country from abroad for medical tourism.

Dt. Aşkın Yılmaz


Our Vision

  • - Closely follow and implement technology on oral and dental health,
  • - Transfer developing technology to people,
  • - Not to exceed our ethical values,
  • - Keep health security in the forefront,
  • - Ensure that our corporate identity is in the forefront.

Our Mission:

  • - Reach more audience in oral and dental health,
  • - Engage in social responsibility projects,
  • - Keep communication constant,
  • - Provide continuous employment,
  • - Be an exemplary institution for our team and patients.